From The Æther -Release Day

This is pretty redundant, but it's launch day for Warhammer 40,000's 6th ed rules set. Shame they've ballsed up with the dice. The following is taken from the newsletter....

Those of you who have read this month's White Dwarf will have seen some great-looking Munitorum Dice, Battlefield Objectives and Vehicle Markers, which come supplied with a lasgun power pack dice tin as well as pewter-effect dice holders. These have unfortunately been delayed in the warp, but will be on sale in a few weeks. Check back on for further updates.

I'll be pouring over my copy of the rules on Monday. Hope they're free of mistakes, and do good things for the game.

Of course it's not just 40K that should be getting all the attention, there are other things also out, including army sets from Mantic,  those Defiance Games rules I posted about earlier in the week, and a sale on at Tor Games (via Tabletop Fix)