Sedition Wars: Battle For $600,000

With three days left on the clock Sedition Wars is still pulling in funding with ridiculous speed, having jumped up $150,000 in about three days. Currently setting themselves on course to try and top a $600,000 stretch goal (the total is just over $548,000, at the time of writing, with $28,000  of that added in the last 10 hours or so), the awesome additions just keep on coming.

Here's the latest add ons to the project then.Where appropriate I've run an extra and its attendant stretch goal together so you've got the full picture of what your money is getting you. The following also assumes you're buying the Biohazard level game or above (the very end of this article contains a run down of what you get in a Biohazard set), as I can't see why you'd buy just the box game, for $20 less, and miss out on all the extras.

Extras - Miniatures

These models are available from the Studio McVey store, but are through the Kickstarter project are on offer at a considerable discount of $10. With four arm variants, you'll either want so magnets, or go the whole hog and buy two. Because I'm a sucker for pencil concept art, here's the stretches, followed by a painted model as seen in the store.

 There's a quote I'd put here, but I rather suspect I'll want it for a post in the future...

Thanks to hitting the $470,000 goal this extra has been upped to four models that might well be familiar to quiet a few people. 

Thanks to hitting the $430,000 stretch goal Dr Hexen now comes with an evolved version.

Ramirez's Strain version was added as the  $390,000 stretch goal.

Banks suffered the predations of the Strain in the $330,000 stretch goal.

Dr Ridley's Strain version comes out with the $190,000 stretch goal, mostly.

That's not all there is for extra models, as the  following can also be added, although 6 of each already exist within the Biohazard game set ($420,000 stretch goal), and are used as counters.

At the time of writing there's one final addition in terms of extra models, that comes split into a number of possible options.

The Lights Out Campaign pack contains clear resin Vanguard miniatures and glow in the dark Strain figures, to add something unique to playing the solo Light's Out campaign. The two opposing sides are also available separately. I've listed the conent of each below, as it was modified by the $240,000 stretch goal.

  • 3x Male Samaritan with Las
  • 3x Female Samaritan with Las
  • 1x Female Samaritan with Grenade Launcher
  • 2x Bareheaded Female Samaritan with Las 
  • 1x Bareheaded Female Samaritan with Lancer
  • 1x Male Reaver
  • Opticam Kara + Characters ($240,000 stretch goal)

  • 3x Phase 1-1
  • 3x Phase 1-2
  • 3x Phase 1-3
  • 3x Phase 2-1
  • 3x Phase 2-2
  • Scythe Witch and Brimstone ($240,000 stretch goal)

The terrain option is made up of pieces designed to fit within the 25mm squares of the game board, and comprises of an impressive 70 items of terrain.


The game ships with 5 double sided tiles, and this set mimics that, allowing all 5 designs to be used at one to create a much bigger map to fight across. 


The Biohazard set already contains 3 special dice each for the two factions, but you can add to that with this extra.


Battlefoam make very good bags, and given the huge number of miniatures the Biohazard set now includes it'd be a good buy for anyone without transport/storage capacity already.

Stretch Goals

The current goal, as mentioned way up at the top of the article is $600,000. At that point the following miniature gets added to the game.The text is pulled from the latest Sedition Wars update, read into it what you will.

"Trapped in the cargo facility, conscript Jada "Iron" Lily has survived while jacked into a sturdy THI lifter. Now Jada is clocking some harsh overtime, crushing strain skulls and trying to escape the predatory contagion infecting Alabaster station."

If we hit this stretch, every Biohazard set gets Iron Lily!  She may be a little squishy without her THI carapace though... (hint hint).  And not to worry, if we don't hit this stretch she'll be available in the CKPM as an option!

So, what do you actually get with the Biohazard set, without the extras? Bellow is what your $100 (+$25 international shipping) get you. Some of this also applies to the standard boxed game as well, so the retail version has also revieves a significant boost as well. Where appropriate I'll denote something available to all with (IEN) In Every Game.

  • The Sedition Wars:Battle for Alabaster boxed game, which contains:

    • 50 28mm plastic miniatures
    • 50 scenic bases for these miniatures
    • 5 double sided game tiles
    • 60 page book with rules and scenarios
    • Vanguard and Strain stats cards
    • 100+ counters

  •  Limited Edition Kara
  • A print signed by Mike McVey
  • A Vanguard patch
And now what was added thanks to stretch goals. This then is the communities fault.
  • Alternate sculpts for the Vangaurd troopers (IEG)
  • An additional 12 Vanguard Troopers
  • Infection markers changed from paper to plastic (IEG)
  • Alternate sculpts added for Phase 1 Strain models (IEG)
  • An additional 12 Strain models
  • Barker Zosa added (IEG)
  • Downloadable campaign, available for all backers,, to use all the extra figures.
  • Custom dice added, 3 Vanguard, 3 Strain
  • 2 Scythe Witch and 2x Brimstone added
  • Painting tutorial DVD from Mike and Ali McVey
  • A second AI Drone added
  • A second Grendler added
  • A second Cthonian added
  • 6 Mini drones added to replace counters
  • 6 Bonecrabs added
  • Keegan Kor added

Which is your lot so far. I rather suspect I'll be adding an addendum before the 3 days of running time remaining are up. I hope the above has been a useful summary. Head over to the Kickstarter page to make your pledge.