Sedition Wars beating Zombicide

Wow. Sedition Wars has only a few hours left on its Kickstarter clock, and it has beaten the funding level for Zombicide.Here's the latest stretch goal to be unlocked.

"Close combat with the Strain is lethal, so Kara has decided to upgrade to her personal suit of Gnosis power armor. Built for extreme combat - with a self contained environmental envelope, internal medical systems, and enhanced tac-net connections - the Gnosis is the equalizer that the Vanguard will need if they're going put a stop to the Strain's malignant expansion."

It's interesting to note the difference in numbers. Sedition Wars has 3,595 backers at the time of writing, with Zombicide finishing with 5,258. Better miniatures making people reach deeper into their pockets? I await the next stretch goal with anticipation.