All Hail Imperial Architecture.

While much of the internet seems to be talking about allies, (they add interesting possibilities to modelling, painting, fluff and gaming, but possibly at the expense of balance) I'm going to talk about terrain and fortifications.

A look at the rulebook, and on the online store paints a sorry picture unless you're part of the Imperium, or have a fetish for fighting only on their planets, or re-purposing their structures. Running down the option available in the rulebook you've got Aegis Defence Line (Imperial Wall), Skyshield Landing Pad (Imperial Helipad), Imperial Bastion (Imperial Tower, yes another GW tower), Fortress Of Redemption (Imperial Castle). Unless armies are going to be getting additions to this list in their own codex, it's going to be a very samey selection of bring your own terrain for the battlefield. Even if that does turn out to be the case, it's going to be a long wait for some armies.

Going outside of the Fortifications straitjacket and into the slightly larger online store, the choice is not much broader, adding, a Chaos bastion (an Imperial one with a vehicle sprue), the Imperial buildings, the ruined Imperial statuary, and various bits of battlefield damage, with the only bit of note being the Ork barricades.

Compare this to armies, with a split between six Imperial armies, eight armies of traitors or xenos.While it's understandable that Imperial forces (well, Space Marines) sell well and this would knock onto sales of the attendant scenery, it seems a shame that we've seen nothing for other races, beyond the occasional conversion articles. Hopefully we'll see some new stuff in the future, maybe some 'nid spines/towers, Tau weapon emplacements, etc. Or maybe White Dwarf could pick up the slack.We'll see more in the next few months, fingers crossed.

In the meantime, all hail the Emperor eh.


  1. I plan to make some Fortifications for my Eldar, but I guess the focus of the game really is the Imperium. I've seen some nice Tau ones in the blog-o-sphere also.

    1. I'd be interesting in seeing some Eldar fortifications. All that ever seems to be shown on the tabletop is webway arches. Not quite sure what their walls and buildings would look like. I can see a huge rune as a launchpad working well.

      Tau buildings always look good, although that might be by dint of being something different.


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