Cracking Open A (Servo) Skull

I finally managed to find an independent store with a Sevro Skull in stock, and picked one up.

They're impressively large, and feel weighty, and are nicely made. However I will be doing extensive work on mine before it gets painted, as there have been concessions made in the cast process, that means the detail isn't what it could be. Take note of the cabling, the mould lines, and recessed eye implant on the pictures below, all of which will need modification.

Before making any exterior modifications it seemed prudent to check inside the skull first to see what I would be cutting into. Removing the four screws I found this...
Inside a Sevro Skull
Sadly not full of a range computer. The left hand side shows the inside of the eye button, that brakes the reel, shown on the right. BE careful you don't knock the "teeth" off the stop or the reel will spin itself around a bit in the skull (although it could do with slackening off as the tape retracts a bit too sharply for my tastes). There are two guides for the tape, that in needs to run below to feed properly.

Expect more when I come to modifying the outer shell to suit my tastes.


  1. I had such high hopes for this item. it sounded cool and would fit my wyrd mechanical chaos army when i play them.
    Still think I might pass on it, but cool that you want to paint it up.


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