From The Æther

A lot of things to cover today, as witnessed by the number of other posts preceding this.

GCT Studios show yet another fantastic model for Bushido, the Nian.

In addition to the Wrath Of Kings releases shown in this post, Cool Mini Or Not have also released two female vampires this week.

Micro Art Studio has added some very nice models to its store, from Wolsung  three of which are shown below.

Bell Of Lost Souls posted this rather lovely photo a few days ago. I'm trying to dig up more info, as it'd be interesting to find any WIP shots of the army.

I've also stumbled across WarMill Gaming Accessories who look like they're doing some very nice terrain, Anyone else reminded of the outpost in Starship Troopers?I'll be digging into their products later in the week. Their range is impressive.

 The Lord Inquisitor has another update out, and continues to be mind blowing.

There's the third episode of the Mantic Podcast out

And coming from way left of field- Z World Detroit. I'll leave you to investigate this for yourselves.