Hordes Unboxing - Heavy Dragonspawn - Carnivean / Ravagore / Scythean

A quick post showing the content of the Everblight Heavy Dragonspawn box, and my thoughts on initial assembly and how I'm going to magnetise hir.

Starting with the box content, there are 24 parts, with the only "spare" part being a second tail, the rest being needed to make a chosen variant of whichever Warbest. Here are also the pieces laid out below. Being a Hordes kit there are also the three stats cards for the models inside.

Some of the joints slot together, with some very deep/long interconnecting parts. Here's the joint between the upper and lower halves of the body.

 And here's the head of the Carnivean, with another huge tab.

 Of note are the four small legs/arms which are all positioned with unique slots, making this section of the kit easy to assemble.

I've assembled all the main parts of the Warbeast that won't need changing around, as well as gluing the separate arm sections together. To my surprise the model balances incredibly well given how the weight is thrown forwards from the legs.

I suspect much of the stability of the model comes from the impressive footprint made by the three legs touching the ground, with a contact area seen below...

The three heads go together well, with the Ravagore's flame being the only tricky part to secure. Magnetising them will be a case of putting one in the neck, and mounting the head magnet in such a way for each as to give a good pose.

The real problem is going to be the arms...

Here they are laid out, with the correct heads, from left to right, the Carnivean, the Ravagore, and the Scythean.

The shoulder joints look like this...

with the joins on the arms are all uniquely shaped to place the arm in a certain pose, when engaged with the armour plates and the ball joint.

Magnetising these so that the joint created is flush and the arm is correctly positioned is going to need a fair bit to precision (or good old trial and error) to get right. Hopefully it's be easier than the Terrorgeist.

I'm impressed with the sculpt, and like the pose. The joins between the body section will disappear with a little liquid greenstuff, and once the magnets are in the model looks like it'll be a joy to paint.