Infinity - July Releases

Hot on the heels of the previews from Studio Giráldez I posted about on Monday comes the official list of Infinity Releases for July.

 Knight Of The Holy Sepulchre

I really like the pose of this model. The billowing cloak, the hanging weapon, and the imperiously pointing sword really work. The combination of mediaeval and SF stylings has been pulled off fantastically well. 

 Yáoxiè Remotes

In my opinion these are the best Yu Jing remotes we've seen, with very nice bodies and head arrangements, and powerful looking weaponry.

Tearlack McMurrough

Another very well posed model with another good blend of themes working together rather than clashing. The background on the website explains the absence of a Dog-Face model for McMurrough, and says that the new campaign book is on the way.


I'm unsure about the pose of this model, with the mix of commanding arms gestures at odd with the take off/landing stance of the legs. Putting that asdie for the moment, it is a gorgeous model, with armour plate and skin suit each having a distinct, and defined texture without clashing.

A considerably improved set of releases after last months slightly iffy models. My only criticism would be a lack of female models, but given last month, that may be a blessing. I think the flukes of photo uploading have actually arranged things from best to worst for me this month, although saying the the Ekdomoi is still a fantastic model, it just has some very stiff competition.

I can't wait to see what August 3ed brings, and whatever the future has in store for the game.