Looking Ahead - August and Beyond.

This should be the 60th post of the month, which means there have been more posts this month than any other in the year so far. If this reflects anything it's that it's been a very busy month indeed.

We've seen Warhammer 40K launch its 6th edition, to the sound of a hundred bloggers writing new tactics and rules articles about the latest changes. I've yet to put in a game, so I can't comment as yet. We shall see what things look like after a few months and the first true 6th ed codexes come out.

Other systems and companies have also had their fair share of releases, (Dropship Commander anyone?) but it looks as though August will outshine July, as GenCon 2012 see Wyrd putting new books and models on the market, and Corvus Belli releasing something new for Infinity (Fingers crossed for a campaign book). Not to forget Dark Age as well, with a new book out in the near future.

The rest of the year looks to be packed as well, with whatever releases are put out by the aforementioned companies to be joined by many other things. The rumours say that we'll be seeing Chaos Space Marines Codex and the new 40K starter set come September, and the Dark Angels Codex before the year's end. There's the Hobbit coming up as well, and whatever comes around for Warhammer (although I suspect it'll be a fairly quiet time for Fantasy). Privateer Press have the Colossals and Gargantuans tearing up the gaming tables, as well as the two player Hordes set, the Iron Kingdom Roleplay game, Level 7, and more besides. All this as various Kickstarter projects will also be producing tangible products for their backers.