Ravage #2 June-July Review

In order to keep things comparable I'll be using the same system of point scoring I went with for the last two White Dwarfs.

Some of the articles may feel a bit behind the times, but that's always going to be the nature of a bi-monthly publication, so I can't hold that against it (up to a point, as we'll see). The range of topics covered makes up for it though. Another hitch is the translation from the French original for some of the articles, which at times needs some cleaning up.

Pg 1. Cover

Ravage starts as it means to go on, with some lovely game artwork being shown throughout (+1)

Pg 2. Interior Front Cover - Battlefoam Ad

I'm going to have to stick with  giving an advert or "wasted" page a negative score (-1) in order to stay consistent. Battlefoam does make great bags though (+1)

Pg 3. Letter From The Editor

A change of editor for the magazine this month, is a bit of a shock, but that aside, hello Bry. With the promise of battle reports in future issues (+1) things look good for the magazine.

Getting it out the way now it appears that little editing has actually been done (-1) as many of the articles are translation from the original French and suffer from not being proofed after translation (-1). It's a real shame that good content is marred by bad tranlation outside of the original writers control (-1)

There's also a picture of The Ortegas from the Crystal Brush awards. Sadly, as good as it is, it's a repeat of a picture shown elsewhere. (-1)

Pg 4. Contents

It's a contents page, there's not much else to say. Apart from it's missing an entry (-1) and miss-titles some the sections and articles (-1).

Pg 5. Zombicide Splash/News Divider

I like the big art pages, as they break up what would otherwise be a lot of text. They are pages that aren't telling me anything though. I think that puts them at (0) on the marking scale.

Pg 6-7. Hordes Dominion Review

The review pulls no punches (+1) and  splits attention equally between the rules (+1) and the fluff (+1), and criticising the book for the lack of the later. This does feel very late though, as the book was released last November (-1), and the review offers nothing that couldn't be said after a single read through (-1) rather than feeling as though it had the benefit of extended playing time. 

Pg 8-9. Wrath Of Kings Preview

With pictures of four models apiece for House Teknes and House Nasier, concept are for three other houses and a nice chunk of text about the game and the factions (+1) There is a lack of depth, but that's fair enough, given that it's a preview.

Pg 10-13. Codex: Necrons Review

This is an iffy one as it falls as a review done pre 6th edition, so is potentially rendered a bit of a lame duck. However it doesn't dig into the rules that much, and instead skims over the choice Necron players were given as new options. There's no disguising that this is an old piece however, with the Codex, as with Domination, being released last November (-1) and it's a shame, as four pages could have gone to something else (-4).  There is an army list included though (+1).

Pg 14-15. Dwarf King's Hold- Ancient Grudge

Falling somewhere between a review and a run down of the content the article serves as a good primer for anyone looking into Mantic's line of board games (+1), and deals head on with the fact that set under discussion (Ancient Grudge) is not itself a stand alone game (+1). Just a shame Ancient Grudge came out in January (-1)

Pg 16-17. Malifaux - Twisting Fate Review

Another chimera of review and preview piece, this feels as much out of time as the Necron review (-1). While the models for Twisting Fates are still being released the book itself is getting on for a year old (-1). A good run down for anyone thinking about getting the book (+1), but of very little use for anyone who already has a copy (-1).

Pg 18-19. Zombicide Preview

This feels much more current, giving a nice review (+1) and overview of Zombicide (-1). Seeing as the English rules have only just hit the web this provides an interesting read, and gives an indication of the promise the game has (+1).

Pg 20-22. Dust Tactics: Revised

Another up to date piece (+1), as the set was only released in June. A run down of the new box set, provides an interesting jumping on point for new players (+1) as well as for veterans (+1). Running to three pages allows the contents of the set, a bit of history and the game mechanics to be dug into as well as space for artwork and miniatures(+1).

Pg 23. Super Dungeon Explore Splash/Gaming Divider

Pg 24-27. Infinity Posthumans and Haris Fireteams

A nice set of tactics articles for the two unit types highlighted (+2). The first digs into the units available to the ALEPH player, while the second focuses on the new rules for Haris Fireteams and what they mean for the game.

Pg 28-30. Dust Tactics:Scenarios

I can't judge the three scenarios on their quality, knowing so little about Dust Tactics, but they appear to be well presented (+1). The first two were to be played during "Dust Day France", while the last works with a new expansion.

Pg 31. Gen Con ad

Kinda uninspiring (-1)

Pg 32-33. Mercs: Combat

This article is possibly the best so far, providing both an introduction to the Mercs combat system(+1)  and an critique of it (+1). The more I dig into this game the keener I become to try it.

Pg 34-35. Dark Age : Phadras & Maximo

An nice fluff piece for two Dark Age characters (+1) (including their stats) designed by Marc Berlove, winner of the 2011 "March To Immortality"tournament circuit.

Pg 36. Infinity ad.

Pg 37. Dark Age Splash/Technique Divider

Pg 38-39. Dark Age: Painting A Starter Box

The article starts with a nice section about basing (+1), before moving onto painting the models. While this is also handled well (+1), it does feel a bit brief (-1)

Pg 40-43. A Multi Purpose Diorama

Taking us through the stages of creating a diorama that also comes apart as separate miniatures, regiment filler and scenery piece. It's a good idea (+1) and well presented, it's just a shame some the box outs remain in French (-1)

Pg 44-45. Creating Ice Blocks

A good article covering how to make an very specific ice effect (+1). It's bit hit and miss as some people will find it incredibly useful, others will see no need for it. It's very good that it's been included however (+1). 

Pg 46-47. Snow

A very good companion article to the above that talks about creating realistic snow, using glass powder, which earns a point for both being unusual and dangerous (+1). 

Pg 48-49. Rocks

Even more basing tips come in this article, which details the process of making rocks with putty (+1). It's a shame that the photography seems to be out of synch with the article (-1), as the model refereed to is featured in the previous article. 

Pg 50. Mud

Again the photos seem to be out, with the feeling that something is missing (-1). The article is a good one though (+1)

Pg 51. Warpath Splash/Community Divider

Pg 52-57. Adepticon Coverage

The most readable article of the lot, comes from our new editor, Bryan Steele, as part of the  CoolMiniOrNot team covering Adepticon 2012 (+1). There's an interesting snippet about Adepticon pushing up the Zombicide Kickstarter numbers amid other things, including a mention of Slaanesh Cult Of Charlie Sheen (+1), making an appearance (Winning). The Crystal Brush winners all look fantastic(+1) and it's good to get an industry perspective.

Pg 58-60. Mantic - Warpath Launch Report

The article suffers from some poor translation/editing (-1) and being from November (-1) (anyone picking up a theme about that month?) but is none the less interesting (+1), lifting the lid behind the scenes at Mantic (+1) and giving a good insight into Warpath (+1). Most interesting bit of news to come out of this was that Tears Of Envy has been recruited by GW.

Pg 61. Relic Knights ad.

Pg 62-63 Interview: Jake Thorton - Project: Pandora

A nice interview with Jake Thornton about his game (+1), digging into the games development side of things (+1). No mention of future expansions sadly.

Pg 64-65. Interview: Alessio Cavatore

Another good interview (+1), that covers both Kings Of War, Warpath and the feel of Mantic games (+1) Lifts the lid on Warpath and seven of its eight races (+1). There's also a real focus from Alessio on the ability to play with chess clocks, for competitive play due to the way the rules and turns work. 

Pg 66. Sedition Wars Splash

Pg 67. Infinity Splash

Pg 68/ Back Cover - Dark Age: The Machines Rise

And that's it, considerably shorter than White Dwarf, but with far more content packed in, and fewer pages lost to pictures, despite the dividers etc.

Ravage #2 scores a grand total of  16.

This is considerably better than the most recent White Dwarf, issue 391, reviewed here, which scored -19. The real shame is the squandered potential, with the dated articles and crap editing of the translations really dragging things down. More up to date content and tighter word processing would improve things vastly.

At the moment I can't recommend Ravage, the quality is just too spotty. Fingers cross that issue #3 will see a much more polished set of up to date articles.