Relics - Kickstarter Unboxing

I thought I'd do this as a little stand alone piece to cover how things arrived, and for my general impressions.

Here's what greeted me opening the package, the dice are bagged up on the right, with a whole heap of metal parts on the left.

With the bubble wrap open there's a whole big heap of models all bagged up.

This is everything laid out, with the Britanan's on the top and the Vaettir on the bottom row.

The models all come pretty much ready to assemble, with a few mould lines to clear off, but (with the exception of the small parts) no sprues attached, and very little flash.

I'll put up the, considerably more interesting, posts on each force today and tomorrow.


  1. Oh I am so jealous!

    Can't wait till my Nuem arrive!


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