Relics - Vaettir Kickstarter Force - Pt 1

Following on from yesterday's focus on the Britanan force, today is the turn of the Vaettir, from Tor Gaming.

The model count is lower than the Britanan force, with twelve models to their seventeen, but this is a case of quality versus quantity on the tabletop.

The size comparison gives an idea of how much the wings add to the height of the models.

Once again there were dice as part of the set, this time in fetching purple swirls.

As before, the real information is after the jump...

I think the Varriers are possibly my favourite models of the set, with good, characterful poses and a nice mix of cute vs menace.

Let's get it out of the way right now - the wings are going to break off from time to time. Too small to pin and held in place with only a very small contact point they defy pinning. This is probably a preferable situation to having a long tab on the model, as that would likely mean a drop model would break something off rather than just come unstuck at a joint. Anyway, once attached, the wings look good.

I can't help but be reminded of Gulimeo del Toro's Tooth Faries in Hellboy 2.

The Varbes came as a let of four, with two variants, so I did a bit of swapping around to get individual models.

The Vstonnin is a very different model from all the rest, coming on a larger base, and having a different feel to the Varriers and Varbes.

I really like the sword on shoulder pose,with an impression of relaxed threat.

The three Elvspon are my least favourite miniatures of the set, with the sculpting quality feeling a step down from the other pieces, and the tentacled model defying attempts to place all the pieces.

While the clashing style of these models is justified in the game background I remain unhappy with them. We'll see what happens after a cost of paint.

Finally we have the Evocatour, another fiddly model, although this time it's the right hand arm rather than wings that was the issue.

I may come back and alter the pose yet, as I'm not sure I'm happy with it, or doing justice to the model.

The Vaettir are a nice looking force, and although there are models I dislike, I am pleased over all. The models feel very different from the Britanan force, with the stylistic lack of detail giving an unnatural feel to them, which I like, and setting them far more in nature than the Britanans.