Rolling The Bones While You Can - Munitorum Dice

This weekend saw the very quiet release of the Munitorum Dice, as "While Stocks Last" products. Slipped in on the "New Releases" page, the following are available for £10 each. Only one set are truly dice, the other two are just markers.

Munitorum Dice

Not much to say here, as these are just standard dice with a Imperial flavour. 

 Munitorum Battlefield Objectives

Split into six Objective Markers and Six Mysterious Objective Markers the design on the faces corresponds either to a certain Battlefield Objective or victory points.

 Munitorum Vehicle Markers

The last, and possibly most useful, set are the vehicle markers with 2 Hull Point Markers, 2 AP1 Vehicle Damage Markers, 2 AP2 Vehicle Damage Markers, 4 AP3 Vehicle Damage Markers,and 2 Vehicle Status Markers. Depending on the number of vehicles on the tabletop, you might need more than one set I suppose.

Here's an example of one of the servo skull holders in use, which gives a good idea of the scale of them. I like the holders as it means dice aren't going to get swept up accidentally.