The Galaxy Will Burn - Forge World & The Horus Heresy

This should be good, despite being a rather poor video once again. With Forge World becoming a more official part of the game world, and GW's price increases it's going to be interesting to see how many more Forge World armies we'll see.

This does seem to have been a long time coming as GW really should have got some Primarch models out, and some of the Heresy era Terminator Shoulder Pads for that matter, on the shelves many years ago, in light of the demand the sculpts for them from other companies get.

I look forward to seeing models, and the book. Hopefully it'll mean stuff for the Imperial Guard as well as Space Marines. It seems odd looking back that the push for this spun out of a collectable card game.


  1. Well there was this model of Leman Russ...

    1. A fair point. There were also some Epic scale models for the Daemon Primarches as well.


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