White Dwarf 226 - Review

Following on from last week's review of White Dwarf 391, here's a review of White Dwarf 226, from the distant month of October 1998, which heralded the release of the 3rd Edition of Warhammer 40,000. A huge shift for the game in many ways (alterations to phases, all movement values set at 6", weapons types added, force organisation charts etc, etc.) there was a real push to get these changes across to the player base.

For some this will be a chance to reminisce, and remember White Dwarf's Golden Age, for others there's going to be a bit of a disconnect. I'll be trying to stay as on track as I can without descending into "Back in my day..." I'll save that for another time.

Cover. (-1) It's not a nice layout, but that's in difference to the real draw, a free Dark Eldar Warrior, which was the first chance anyone had had to get their hands on the figures for an all new race (+3).

Inside Front Cover and Pg1 - Contents  Spread over two pages (+1) and split obviously into different categories (+1) with a summary under each article (+1) I know exactly what is in this issue.

Pg 2- 7 News. A mix of the new releases, news from Black Library, and other bits and pieces.

Pg 8-9 How To Paint Dark Eldar. (+1) Four stages of painting guides, and eight alternate colour schemes. That does a good job of introducing the new race.

Pg 10-11 Warhammer 40,000 Cover art splash page. (-1) for wasting space, although it is John Blanche artwork (+1).

Pg 12-17 What's It All About. By Andy Chambers (+1) Andy Chambers (+1) We get an in universe piece (+1) and an explanation of the rational behind the new rules (+1), and a set of pictures of models from all the armies in the new edition.

Pg 18-19 Artwork Splash Page. All new art (+1) bringing across the flavour of the 40K universe.

Pg 20-21 Boxed Game Splash. This is kinda iffy given that no one had seen this before and it doesn't get the whole page (-2)

Pg 22-23 Can I Use My Exiting Army (+1) A massive question for everyone on the eve of any new edition, that gets answered here to some extent (+1)

Pg 24 Space Marine Battleforce. One of the new releases from the month (+1) Slightly oddly placed (-1)

Pg 25-27 New Products A breakdown of the new releases, which once again seems oddly placed (-1)

Pg 28-31 In The Pipeline. An almost never repeated article that gave a picture of the plan for Warhammer 40,000 of the foreseeable months. (+4).

Bears saying at this point that page numbers are horribly lacking. It's getting tedious (-1)

Pg 32-35 Ain't Space Marines Brilliant! From, Jes Goodwin (+1) and Nick Davis, we get a run-down of the new Space Marine Tactical Squad (that survives into the present day, in a slightly altered form) including some fantastic conversions (+1).

Pg 36-37 Space Marine Codex Splash Page. Almost no information and once again weirdly placed (-1)

Pg 38 White Dwarf Competition. Free stuff (+1)

Pg 39 Warhammer Monthly Ad (+1) Don't remember or know what that is? Don't worry, more on this lost gem next week.

Pg 40-45 Dogs Of War - Six pages of background models and very abridged rules for the Dogs Of War units released this month. (+3)

Pg 46-47 Chaos Gate. Looking very dated from the heady future of superior graphics (if not superior gameplay) Still (+1) for effort.

Pg 48 1999 Calendar Ad. Why don't we get these any more? (+1)

Pg 49-50 Skeleton Warriors. A breakdown of another new kit, the multi-part skeletons (+1)

Pg 51-57 Collecting An Undead Army. Focused on the use of the new regiments within an army list (+1), and breaks down the rational behind this (+1).

Pg 58-59 How To Paint Skeleton Warriors. Another 4 stage painting guide (+1)

Pg 60-61 Dem Bones! Two pages of conversions using the new skeleton kits (+1)

Pg 62-69 GW Stores and Staff Beastmen Army (+1), and vouchers for money off in store (+1)

Pg 70 Inferno Ad (+1)

Pg 71-72 Mordheim City Of The Damned Scenarios (+1) By Tuomas Pirinen (+1)

Pg 73 Mordheim Comic  (+1) Dwarf Treasure Hunters

Pg 74 Mailbox (+1) A letters page (+1)

Pg 75-79 Changing Forts (If you don't know why the article is called this, your better off in ignorance) Conversions based around the Warhammer Siege Castle (+1)

Pg 80-81 Forge World. The first ever mention of Forge World (+1), running through their first few releases for the studio (+1)

Pg 82 Citadel Journal Ad (+1)

Pg 83-87 The Battle Of Ironaxe Ridge by Mike Walker (+5). Expect something later this month about what exactly you missed out on by missing Mike's articles.

Pg 88-112 Cleanse and Burn. First 3rd Ed Battle Report 25 pages long (+1), with a new scenario (+1), and full army lists (+1), and a huge number of box outs with commentary on the new rules (+12).

Pg 113-128 Mail Order. Back when they were still called Trolls, and showed the sprues (+1) and army deals (+1).

Inside Back Cover - White Dwarf Subscription

Back Cover - Warhammer 40,000 miniature montage.

So that's a grand and towering total of + 59, beating out this months issue by 78. I'll hold my hand up to nostalgic bias, but even taking that into account it is still a far better launch issue and it doesn't even monopolise 40K as WD 319 did. The White Dwarf is by no means perfect, the new products being placed erratically, amongst other things, but this is massively outweighed by the sheer amount of healthy nutritious hobby content. I fear that I may have an unbeatably yardstick to measure future editions by.