White Dwarf 392 - Chaos Daemons First Look

Someone's internet-fu beats mine considerably.

Below is pretty much my train of though watching the video.

Cover looks good.

Not sure about the Chariot, the bladed rear portion looks a bit daft to my mind. Not sure why it needs four pages of coverage.

Plaugebarers look nicely old school. I'm tempted by them as CSM allies (need to pick a legion though - undivided or Death Guard- decisions, decisions).

Those nurgling bases are insane, although potentially fiddly to put together. I hope they split off easily into separate nurgling so you can get more than three bases out of a set, I suspect they've been designed so that doesn't happen though.

Edit* The text suggests they are split into three "ranks" on the sprue, and that it base is made from three of those. Bit of a bugger.

Screamers look like nothing new, although to be fair they didn't need changing.

Flamers look good, hopefully the excess flames clean off easily though, as they're meant to be shooting fire, not burning up themselves.

Seems odd that we're getting plastic sets of only three models with the nurglings, screamers and flamers. Make of it what you will, but I'd have though these should have been finecast.

Blue Scribes look like a conversion, rather than a stock model.

Blah Finescast.

Bray Shaman should be good, going by the quality of previous plastic releases.

Blah, more finecast

Official updates for the Daemon books seems a good thing, especially with the allies for 6th ed. Introduction of Soulgrinder seems unlikely, although I can see the marketing reasons.

CSM Codex next month then, judging by the back cover?


  1. I think the inside back cover is suggesting the Dark Angels and Chaos starter set that has been rumored for an age. That piece of art is featured in the current Dark Angel's codex alongside the librarian entry.
    Soul Grinders in fantasy... obviously not selling enough of them, but the daemon codex sucks so what do they expect?


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