Wrath Of Kings - More Preview Models

CoolMiniOrNot have released another three preview miniatures for Wrath Of Kings, ahead of the Gen Con 2012 launch.

Elsis Tagil, The Wail of War - It's good to see that not all of the women in Wrath Of Kings are going to have the physic of Olympic athletes or supermodels. I also like the weaponry, and the masks are growing on me.

Shael Han Champion - This model seems a bit ordinary, next to some of the others. Which isn't to say that it's a bad model, it's just that the others are more unusual/interesting.

The Deathbloom - I'm don't want to pass judgement on this model until we can see the back of it, as things may all go wrong if it's going to be arse staring at the player. Aside from that, the base and pose look fantastic.

So go get them while they're resin.