6th Edition Boxed Game - Pictures

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IT looks like GW have spotted a sales opportunity in the guise of  limited edition starter sets. Note the box art and the chaplain in the first picture.

That's a pretty impressive set of models, with Chaos coming off slightly better I think. Certainly the Hellbrute is very impressive.

I like the two different styles of cultist, although the clothed cultist champ looks like he wants to be a vampire. Anyone wanting a cheap Necromunda Scavy gang just got their wish as well.

The Sergeant looks a bit boring, but the character models look fantastic. The heavy and special weapons does seem to confirm the Dark Angel's plasma fetish.

 I like the studs on the greaves and power fists on the Terminators. Not sure about the Assault Cannon pose though. The bikes are looking more streamlined than before, with some nice, subtle changes in shape.

And that's your lot. All in all it's fairly impressive. Hopefully we will see pictures of the rest of Septembers releases soon.


  1. With the old starter sets I used to feel bad for the Mum or Dad who had to play the bad guys and get stomped all over by the Goodies. How the tables have turned! Bwaahahahahaa!

    Mind you, I remember when Warhammer Fantasy was Lizardmen VS Bretonnians in the box. Our local GW ended up with a group of Mums who all collected Lizardmen, because they stopped the Bretonnians, lol.

    1. The Chaos forces looks so much more impressive than the Dark Angels. The Hellbrute is just unbelievable as a model, let along in the starter set. I can see a lot of Dark Angels ending up on Ebay, or being converted to Chaos.

      My only tiny issue is that the cultists are doubled up, but that should be easily solved with some clippers.

  2. I must say I think, even while these figures look very impressive, that theyve dropped the ball compared to the last starter set.

    in the last set, the marine contingent was generic enough to fit into any army.. my space wolves alone have three of the dreadnoughts... but looking at this, the conversion possibilities seem so limited I cant I magine me buying even one starter set.. sure i'll bits site a mini rule book, but that's it..

    and I expect unless you have DA or chaos, the same is true.. they should have had something more generic and convertible in there imo

    1. I suspect the limited nature of the set is wholley deliberate. The last set offered great savings, and people bought multiple copies to bulk out Space Marine and Ork armies, which would have had a knock on effect on sales of the individual units included in the set (hence why we never saw Deffkopta kits in plastic I suspect). GW can offer this new box at the same level initial saving to get people started on an army, but by making it less useful to multi-buy, and limiting the audience to Undivided CSM and Dark Angels, they're protecting their larger range. It will also have a knock on effect on sales of the CSM and DA Codex and range when they come out, possibly upping DA sales more than they would have been without their models being in the starter box.

      I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of the new CSM range looks like and how the Chosen fit in (or stand out like a sore thumb), and if we see a separate Hellbrute kit. I'm on the fence about the undivided look of the Chosen and if they'll fit in a Legion army. Hopefully White Dwarf will have them painted up in a variety of schemes.


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