Colours Of Vengeance - Dark Angles.

Welcome to the first of two articles dealing with my plans for the models in the Dark Vengeance box set. Happily I already have models for both forces, and the current codices (and oh so many past editions) to work from, which in the style of so many of my armies are mostly assembled, but have seen very little of a paint brush.

Of the two forces in the Dark Vengeance Box Set the Dark Angels are going to be the easiest to map out a colour scheme for, as I'll be only tweaking the standard palette slightly. That's not a plan without some decision making though.

Tactical Squad

The bread and butter of a Marine force, and the unit any larger force will be taking cue from in terms of colour scheme. I'll be spreading the unit throughout other tactical squads in my army, in order to mix armour styles and model poses (and dilute the impact of the repeat sculpts (the more times I type that the more it annoys me), and probably not using the Sergeant, as I prefer a full robe on my squad leaders, and he looks like he's been in the Black Templars dress up box. A bit of greenstuff robe may sort him out though. I've never imagines the belt on power armour as an actual belt that would go around things though. Having noticed it, I find it unsettling.

As for the colour scheme I'll likely be avoiding line highlights (they lighten DA armour too much) and sticking to washes/black lining over whatever Dark Angel Green has become in the base coat range. I'll be going for black weapon cases, white chest eagles, yellow eye lenses, and sticking to tradition, blue plasma coils. The only questions remaining are what company design to use on the knee pads, whether to include the long forgotten army badges, and if I want to do weathering (I'm already leaning towards not, as mud just doesn't suit my idea of Dark Angels).

The one issue I have is that the shoulder pad detail makes putting the squad number on a bit of a fudge, as demonstrated by the Segreant. I'm not quiet sure what the solution to this is, but fairly sure taking off the detail only to replace it with the same thing as a transfer is not the ideal route. They really ought to have sculpted a raised number on as well.


There really are no decisions to make here, apart from knocking out the gold for silver on the models. The big decision will be if I want to convert older Space Marine Bikes to fit the new design in some way. This would mainly be updating the bolters, and maybe the pointed guard on the front wheel.

I've just noticed that the Sergeant is suffering from the same belt outside the robes issue as the Tac. Serg. He may be getting a bit of work to fix this. 


Ah, the unit most likely to see some conversion work, as there's a few things I'll be changing from the box set, The pose of the Sergeant, and the Assault Cannon wielder, being the first on the list. Depending on how the models go together I may also try and give them a bit more heigh. (an idea borrowed from From The Warp) Other than that I'll be going for a white rather than bone colour scheme, with tie ins to the colours of the tactical squad. I'll be avoiding green chest eagles, as they never look good. I think I'll be trying to add some more armour studs to other Terminators, as I really like the look it gives. As with the Tac. Squad I'll be splitting these models amongst other Terminator units.


Company Master - Probably my least favourite of the characters, as while I like the pose, the model is just too busy. I do like the slung bolter/plasma though. I think conversion plans will have to wait until I have the model in my hands, and can see what can be changed. Of all the possible HQ choices I also thing a company master would be the most personalised, and I've always liked the illustration that goes with the entry in the Codex. The load out seems a little to much of a match with Azrael's though, unless Dark Angels are under orders to all have matching kit. It's a shame we don't get a Watcher In The Dark.

Librarian - A very impressive model, with a spot on pose I really like the vembraces as well. . There's no work needed, strictly, although I may straighten the sword arm our a bit. Again, one to wait and see in the flesh.

Chaplain - I really like the smoke effect, and it's something I hope we'll see elsewhere (It'd be a pain to sculpt). The pose is good, and I don't think there's any alteration I'd make.

It's going to be interesting to see what the rumoured Codex and accompanying models bring to the table.