From The Æther - 18.08.2012

If the following is in any order at all, then it's by date. Oh, it would be nice to be at GenCon and be on ground zero for some of the pictures below. 

Painting Orc/k flesh - by A Gentleman's Ones

Truescale Terminators by From The Warp

Eric John's blog (should have found this a long time ago), which contains some interesting "behind the scenes" photos, like a tour of Wyrd pre GenCon

Two bits of cool news from Tabletop Fix.

Firstly that Spartan Games is going Dystopian Legions, a 28mm skirmish game.

Secondly information about Dread Ball, Mantic's new game. Expect it to go to Kickstarter within a week or so.

From Bell Of Lost souls there News of the legal wranglings in  GW vs Chapterhouse

Again from Bell Of Lost Souls there's a good set of GenCon pictures.
Dark Age

Kings Of War

 Talking of Wyrd, here's their Terraclips display. Wow.

Finally, Mantic have released painted shots of their three different Enforcer Teams.
Strike Team


  1. Picture no. 7 is not Kings of War but a mix of CMoN's Confrontation and Wrath of Kings.


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