From The Æther - GenCon 2012 Edition

I think the dust of GenCon 2012 has finally settled, and the blogs and videos are in. Here's my round up of them.

First, and most obviously go check out the GenCon Facebook page. Head along to their photo albums for a flavour of the thing.

For those who prefer moving pictures, this video from Beasts Of War is what you're after. Along with the rest of their GenCon coverage.

Next up I'd hit up The D6 Generation's Facebbok page, and find their GenCon albums for a more miniature focused slice of the event.

Go look at this Lost Hemisphere post to find out what Privateer Press (literally) had on the menu for the event, including Mountain King Mile High Pie

For those more interested in words not pictures, then Tabletop Gaming News has a fair selection of interviews etc collated in their Back Home From GenCon Post.

Tabletop Fix does a good job of filtering things on two posts of Bell Of Lost Souls (who also have other pics up), here & here, but deeper coverage can be found here.

I'll be updating this post as and when I found anything else. Expect my thoughts on thing sometime in the week.