Horus Heresy Book 1 Betryal - Forge World

This should be good.


  1. Should is very much the operative word there. Never underestimate the power of GW to completely mismanage something that has the potential to be absolutely awesome.

    That said, I'd really like it for this to be good... and that's as in "you don't need to drop £400 on a titan to play this game" good.

    1. Hopefully they'll be sticking to the books, rather than making up their own fluff, and bringing some of the Heresy characters to the tabletop. The big things are going to be;
      1) The Primarches, both their models, and rules
      2) If the Legions that fell to Chaos will get a pre and post fall incarnation (and their Primarches for that matter).
      3) If it's going to be conversion kits for existing kits (good) or a whole new, enclosed line (not as good).
      4) How far things are taken outside of just Space Marines.
      5) If the book is better proofed than previous books, or the Horus Heresy book from Sabretooth (guilty of many a mislabeled picture)

      At least this is being done at a time when the level of sculpting seems to be reaching a peak (for the most part), and the models should be good looking, if nothing else. And we can all be thankful it's Forge World, not FineCast


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