Relic Knights Kickstarter - Soda Pop

Soda Pop have an iffy track record with Kickstarter projects. Tentacle Bento, their previous project was taken down by Kickstarter because of its undertones, coupled with the tone of the PR. The flip side of this is that Tentacle Bento did very well when Soda Pop restarted the funding on their own site. That's all in the past though, and it's not a controversy I want to revisit here. That dealt with, on to talking about Relic Knights.

The Kickstarter is going fantastically well given the very short time it's been running, hammering on well pass the initial target and looking set to beat out the $100,000 mark and the highest stretch goal posted so far, which will bring all the factions out to play.

Launching the rulebook and faction specific starter sets for the faction in Relic Knights, the Kickstarter is acting as a suped up pre order service, and doing very well. I'm not going to go into the details of the factions here, as I'd mainly be repeating what's already said on the Kickstarter page. I would say it's worth checking the updates as well as the main page, and keeping an eye on the companie's facebook page as well.

Hopefully we'll see some booster type options for anyone who has one of the Knights already to build a force around it.

While I'm not sure about Soda Pop's predilection for tits and arse on their models (it's less creepy thank Kingdom Death though), though I do understand the anime/manga inspiration rational behind it, there's no denying there are some very nicely sculpted models.A selection of which I've picked out below...

I look forward to seeing how this goes, and I may well throw some money in at some later point.

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