War Room App - Release Day Blues

Privateer Press launched War Room today, after a delay, and it looks as though it's not what people hoped it would be.

I've not had chance to poke around it much, but can confirm it feels very slow, and isn't the prettiest app in the world. It also complains, wrongly, that I'm not connected to the internet. The display, on iPhone at least also seems a bit nasty, especially the login process with the keyboard eating the entry field. It's not endearing itself to me or anyone else right now is the short and long of it.

The community seems pretty unimpressed with things, and I think they've got a valid point. Here's a bit of a links round up for the story so far.

Privateer's Press Release

3 For Intelligence's thoughts on the matter.

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The Official War Room Thread Up to 18 pages at the time of writing.

War Room Review From Ammunition Games

I had hoped to be doing my own review of a good quality app, but that hasn't happened, and as things stand Id only be listing technical issues already identified by others. How much this is going to damage PP remains to be seen. A quick and competent response could still win people back, and it has to be born in mind that the app is mostly unnecessary. It's going to be very interesting to watch this develop.