Bringing The Deflier Up To Date.

As ever with a new release, some of the older models start to seem a little old.

A case in point for the new Chaos releases would be the Defiler.
The Old King

The original daemon engine, and the only real Chaos specific vehicle kit (everything else was Imperial with added spikes) for the Traitor Legions before the new 'dex, the Defiler looks a little plain next to the new Mauler/Forge-fiend. Not to mention being a whole £1 more.

The Pretender
So, a I have one of the kits I quite fancy doing something with it to both bring the look more up to date, and to deal with the issues I have with the kit anyway (the lack of detail).

Before I start though, time to plan things out, as I want to end up with a model that can be transported without taking up a huge amount of space.

The first task will be to alter the balance of the machine to give the feeling it can actually fight while stood on four legs, without tottering forward. This will likely mean a lot of alterations to the main body.

The easiest way to make the model transportable will be to have the legs removable. If I run some serious pins/dowel into the main body, I can hopefully have them simply "plug and play".

Once I've got the base structure reconfigured (which may include fiddling with the turret as well), I can start to play with the legs and front arms. A big feature of the new Chaos models (and the Forge World Daemon Engines) is the amount of cables and wires and the creeping presence of organics and flesh. To me the Defiler has always lacked the feel of being the cage of a daemon, and I want to make it the crazy machine it should be, rather than the straight lines and the occasional Chaos star.

The FW Brass Scorpion makes great use of cables to bulk out its structure, and retains an air of menace with the corpses intertwined with them. Clearly I'm going to have to invest is some guitar strings.
With that done the claws need to be made a bit less clunky and basically sharpened up, if not swapped out entirely. I'm tempted to make the weapons options magnetised, in which case the horrible flail/extra CC weapon needs to be swapped out for something more in keeping with the new style of mechadendrites.

Hopefully I'll end up with a vehicle that, if not a centrepiece for the Chaos force will at least fit into the look of the army, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.

More on this at a later date when it moves onto the work bench, when I'll no doubt be thinking of making more alterations.

Anyone got any suggestions of where to go with the Defiler (aside from the much troden Scorpion or Dreadknight route), or any other models in need of  an update (Yes, much of the Dark Elf range, but that'd be a different blog, let alone a different post)?