Dark Vengeance Chaplain - eBay and Limited Edition Models

The follow should provide a bit of food for though.

That's a screen shot taken on eBay organised in order of descending price.

The Dark Vengeance Limited Edition set cost £3.50 more than the standard edition. That extra bought the slightly different box art, and a character sheet and model for the Interrogator Chaplin. The last update I saw said that GW had sold out of the sets everywhere but Australia.

So suddenly thanks to rarity, a models, that's worth £3.50 becomes worth 10 times as much.

The same thing happens with Games Day models and other limited releases, and I wonder how much is to do with the fact there's only x of them, of if it is that GW do put out some very nice limited ed models.

I'll come back to this in a month or so, and see what an eBay search returns then. It'll be interesting to see how many Chaplains are still on the market, and what price they've settled at. 


  1. I didn't particularly want the chaplain so I just ordered the standard set. I was tempted to go for the limited edition and try eBaying the chaplain - and part of me wishes I had, seeing this - but I don't really like that kind of thing.


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