Dreadball Kickstarter - 5 Days To Go

It's a sign of horrific success when you have to cap your main rewards, for fear of demand outstripping supply.

And as a heads up, that's what Mantic have done with their Dreadball Kickstarter. Specifically the Keeper ($80) Jack ($100)  Striker ($150) and Cheerleader ($280) levels. The limits are being approached rapidly as the Kickstarter starts to wrap up. This has been done because Mantic want to get the main game out to backers in time for Christmas. Hopefully we'll see new pledges open up for the post Christmas window, but I'd get you pledge in now if you want a Dreadball New Year.

That bit of business aside, what am I actually encouraging you to pledge on? Well, following the success of the Kings Of War Kickstarter, which raise $354,998, Mantic launched their Dreadball product, and with 5 days to go, at the time of writing, have raised $431,955. A futuristic sports game Dreadball pits two teams against each other on the pitch, and has them fight it out trying to score points over the opposition. I'm not going to talk specifics, that's better left to the designers over on the Dreadball page, instead here's a look at the miniatures you can get, and a breakdown of the main pledge levels. A free copy of the rules can be found here.

To help potential backers a guide has been added to show what's what, a graphic already out of date, as the Asterian Team have now been added after the $425,000 mark was reached.

They've also got a guide to what's included in the two main pledge levels, Jack and Striker. Here's the graphic for Jack ($100) At only $20 more than the Keeper level ($80) that gets you the boxed game, Jack adds in a whole host of MVPs (Most Valued Players), 1 player from the 4 (now 5) extra teams, Coach Renton, and a few other odds and ends.

Striker level adds even more (as it should at $15) with two extra teams added (Midgard Delvers and Skittersneak Stealers, extra players and MVP's, and other extra items.

The expansion of the game caused by the Kickstarter backing has meant many teams are just concept art at this stage. Here's a run down of who's who.

The Corporation Team

The Marauders

The Forge Fathers

The Veer-Myn

The Female Corporation Team
The Judwan
The Z'Zor
The Robots
and the newly add Asterian

There is also a whole host of extras available, from an acrylic borad, to extra dice, coaches and  t-shirts.

 I know this post has been brief, but hopefully it's been enough to whet your appetite, if not keep an eye on the Kickstarter anyway, as big things are promised for the last few days.