Finecast Comes Of Age?

I can't speak for the quality of the models, but I think we're starting to see the sculpts take advantage of the new material.

Finecast was released in June 2011, amid GW hailing it as a wonder material, able to retain more detail and heralding new possibilities in sculpting, while buyers bemoaned the defects, bubbles and warping. GW puts its fingers in its ears and carried on. There was some dissension in the ranks though...
"(...)To address your points, however, we'd like to point out that Forge World do not sell Finecast products; Finecast is a Citadel brand, not a specific type of resin, and so we are not operating some sort of scam as you imply in your e-mail, nor are we misrepresenting our products. As we are perhaps the largest single manufacturer of resin models in the world, it should be unsurprising that the Citadel decision to begin using similar materials a certain amount of consultancy with ourselves.

"Forge World use a huge range of different types of resin and just as wide a range of casting methods depending on the kit in question. You'll note that the resin used for a Titan is very different for that used to produce solid resin scenery, or a smaller resin infantry model, or indeed the new range of hollow resin scenery that we're starting to release. What you describe as 'Finecast resin' is simply a different mix, one that we've used for some time for smaller and more detailed models where appropriate.

"The centrifugal casting process used to produce the Citadel Finecast range is again something that Forge World began looking at some time ago; you rightly point out that the traditional drop-casting method is extremely time- and labour-intensive, the spin-casting method is just as involved but the quality checking is rather more critical. This has obviously not been performed as stringently as it should have been, but as the Citadel and Forge World production teams are separate we're obviously unable to comment upon, or influence, the policies in place regarding Finecast."

Ead Brown, Customer Service Manager, Forge World, March 7, 2012

Buggered if I can find the post I saw this in. The above is instead pulled off this thread on the Bell Of Lost Souls Lounge. Not current, but at least relevant, and a look behind the curtain of GW. Anyway...

At this moment it time I can't say what state the models are in when they reach store shelves. My Witch Hunter, bought a while ago, was a victim to all the negative issues above. Certainly some of the newer releases I happen to have seen in store a month or two ago still look iffy.

Something does seem to have changed though, and that's what sculptors are doing with Finecast models. To support this argument I point you towards two of the three new Finecast releases from the Chaos Space Marine launch, the Dark Apostle and the Warpsmith.

Just look at the mechadendrites and the parchment on the two models. To get a better idea, go check out the 360° views on the GW website, here and here respectively. They show the kind of design we've not seen outside of plastic miniatures, and do seem to be really experimenting with what is possible with a lighter weight material, and (I assume) digital sculpting. 

 The last proper Finecast release proceeding the Chaos launch was Anrakyr the Traveller and Orikan The Diviner for the Necrons, in July. Anrakyr, below, is sculpted by Edgar Ramos, who is also responsible for the Apostle and Warpsmith. Stylistic differences aside, the models aren't in the same league of dynamism and free standing detail.

To add a bit of balance though, the Chaos release has been marred by the rather naff Sorcerer.Not that it's a bad model, with the shout out to the older versions, but looking at the Apostle and Warpsmith, there seems to have been an opportunity missed to have a model unleashing a psychic power (I've just set myself up for providing a conversion that does show that, haven't I. Balls.).

Not that I'm saying that every model should be decked out in flowing robes, and the like, but things do seem to have gone up a notch, for the most part. Hopefully the rumoured Dark Angel release in November will continue the trend.

Taking a modellers perspective, the details on the two Chaos characters should hopefully be a lot easier to attach in Finecast rather than in metal, and provide some good conversions no doubt, caveats about Finecast's quality not withstanding. The idea of transporting the Warpsmith gives me nightmares though. 

Let's hope that the quality of the finished product on store shelves come the 6th matches the more impressive sculpts. If not, there is a light on the horizon.

- Jes loves plastic. LOVES it. If he could he’d do everything in it as for a sculptor it’s far better with almost no distortion or deformation. He foresees a future with only special characters being finecast, and generic characters all being single frame plastics like the recent Warhammer releases and the limited Dark Vengeance Chaplain.
Taken from Apocalypse 40K, reporting on Games Day 2012, Australia.

 The new plastic heroes have muddied the waters, and some of them are gorgeous models. It's going to be interesting to see if they do start to dominate over the Finecast characters in the future.

What do people think of Finecast? Has the quality improved on recent releases or purchases.


  1. Finecast is getting better. Not quickly, but better. The best releases were the metal-resin recasts that were amongst the first releases made last year. Not perfect, but they were already damn nice models that were much nicer thanks to their easier construction and weight. The worst, however, were the direct-to-finecast models. Crowe, in my case, had a bent sword, a hole the size of a ball bearing in his storm bolter, and an unrepairable banner...

    These days, the models are getting much better made - a recent purchase of a Chaplain with Jump Pack was well appreciated, as was Huron Blackheart, neither of which had defects or issues. However, the best models in my opinion over the last year or so are as follows - Dark Vengeance Company Master, Dark Vengeance Chosen, Nurgle Chaos Lord (Fantasy). All plastic. I'm certain that the best character for the new releases will be the Aspiring Champion. Plastic rules...

    1. The new plastics do seem to be really pushing out the boat, but then again, the Space Hulk re release in 2009, has Terminators that stand up to anything in the last few years. The Chaos Chosen do beat them in terms of detail though, and the Nurgle Lord seems to have spawned so many conversions.

      Glad to hear Finecast is improving. Hopefully we'll now see the detail etc GW promised over a year ago. I can imagine that the ease of construction makes a big difference. Hopefully the days of excessive pinning, and holding models in cramping fingers while super glue sets parts in place is a thing of the past.

      It's a shame GW never address the Finecast issue head on, as if the problems have been resolved they could really do with a press release saying so, and getting people to consider buying Ficecast models.


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