Forge World - Horus Heresy and Games Day 2012 with Prices

Forge World have an increasing lovely list of products available at Games Day

First amongst these will be the first Horus Heresy book, Betrayal.

Just from a production value standpoint it looks like a very lovely book indeed, but it'd need to be at £70.

Next up, upgrade sets for the older armour MK's. Being, Helmets, Banners and Vox pieces.

Only small pieces, but nice touches, each set is £9 each,

At long last we are getting true Heresy era Terminators, in the form of Cataphracti Terminators. Sold as the bodies (£33) with the special weapons (£16), Powerfists & Stormboters (£12) and Chain axes ( (£12) as separate add ons.
Special Weapons

Power Fists

Chain Axes

By only tiny issue is the size of the Autocannon. Otherwise, wow.

The Scimitar Jetbikes are available as single models (£25) or in sets of three (£70), with a mix of weapon options.

I'm not sure I'm a fan of their look to be honest.

Onto the tanks, and the real money pits.

The Fellblade is huge, and comes in at £155.

The Typhon is a slightly more affordable £95

It's not just the new tanks for the Heresy, as the Legions are getting their own door kits as well (£11 a set). 

 Death Guard, Emperor's Children and World Eaters also have shoulder pad kits out for the MKII and MKIV armours (£9), transfers (£10) and Brass Sheets (£10)

Of course, if you really need to spend cash then the Realm Of Battle City Sectors are £75 a pop, so that's only £450 for a full 6x4 board.


  1. As always with Forge World stuff it sets off the old shiny response. But again the price sets off the alarm bells for much of it. Will I get the book? Yeah, because I actually think that the Forge World books are normally splendid looking.

    The whole Horus Heresy thing should have been done by GW years ago. I'm not too sure it should have been done at 28mm scale though. When you read of the Heresy its normally with massive big battles with legion taking on legion. Nope they should have launched it as a n Epic reboot with titans and everything!

    1. The Terminators in particular look like what everyone has been waiting for. The price point for building a full army of Heresy era models using Forge World kits would be astronomical though. Both the book and the Primarch figures (See here) will be finding their way onto my shelves though.

      GW should certainly have started a model range at some point after the first trilogy of books were out from Black Library, but they've now got enough background material to really have a go at things, and make something truly vast.

      I think even if they'd gone for an Epic range there would have been a lot of fan outcry for 28mm models as well and it'd have swung around to this, and left Epic in the cold. I think we'll always see big as better even if it's unobtainable, so the £400+ Titans are always going to get more of a response than their Epic equivalents.

      Always good to see you comment on here. Have to say you've got me tempted by Dark Age.

    2. Dark Age isn't too bad. The worst thing about it is that some of the miniatures look rocking and other look lame. They're just not consistent across the range, which is a crying shame. Hopefully they'll get it sorted out as they start going back and re-sculpting stuff.

      As to the Primarchs... yeah I'm likely to be collecting them. Still think GW are missing a trick not relaunching Epic as the Horus Heresy. Let Forge World do the 28mm, but come on... being able to play with an entire legion vs another entire legion on a 6' by 4' table with entire titan legions supporting would be utterly awesome!!!

    3. Dark Age range does seem to vary in quality, although Brom's artwork is gorgeous. It's a shame no one seems to have painted the models in the same manner, or at least that I've seen.

      It'd be nice to see Epic back in some form, and the Heresy would be the perfect launch for that. Maybe we'll get a (massively expensive) Siege of Terra one off set, in many, many, years time. It'd be good to wield the power of a Titan Legion, without having to rob a bank though. The rumoured Mechanicum forces are going to feel seriously lacking without a walking fortress. Maybe we;ll see Forge World cross into the creation of plastic kits at some point. Sadly I suspect GW are too big to run a Kickstarter without considerably backlash.


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