Forge World - Ready For The Heresy

With the Horus Heresy releases going on sale today Forge World have added a new section to their website. Here a look at how there Heresy era pages break down.

The one section missing, to my mind would be Primarches, as Angron currently resides in the Infantry section. Hopefully as new figures are added to the range (the rumours say Fulgrim is next) we'll see them get their own specific page.

Fingers crossed that when we see characters like Loken that named heroes will get part of the website to themselves as well, because anyone after just them is going to bypass hunting the store through a google search stright to their page, so why make it more difficult on the rest of us.

I'd also be nice to see the different Legions get their own header, so you can see all the World Eater specific parts in one place, without having to put in a search string.

Hopefully Forge World will also add a bit of a hobby section to supplement what is in the book, with tips for at least painting each Legion colour scheme and the like. Although given that the main GW stores seems to hide that sort of thing these days who know if we'll see anything of the like.

Interestingly the main GW site has remained silent over the Forge World releases going on sale today. I wonder if we'll see a Horus Heresy section appear of the website, or it'll be left wholly in Forge World's hands. I wonder what will be seen on store tables and shelves as well.

There's a fairly wide range in some sections, especially the Dreadnought and Tank groups. Some models there do scream post Heresy at me, but that's a jaded gamer talking. The vehicles on release at Games Day have yet to go up, so I imagine Forge World will be staggering the release a bit, so everyone can catch their breath after dropping £70 on a book, plus the high feeling shipping charges.

Hopefully the Horus Heresy novels will now include a bit of advertising for models, and entice people into buying their favourite characters, as cross promotion begins in earnest.