From The Æther - Games Day 2012

With the dust now settled post Games Day 2012 I think it's time for a round up of articles on it, so those of us that weren't there (me included) can see what it was like.

Weirdly, what twitter coverage I could find was intermittent at best.

Fair warning that you may well get spoiled for the contents of Forge World's Horus Heresy book, and the Chaos Codex, but I suspect it's too late for that.

General Coverage

For anyone wanting footage of the event, Worthy Painting  went there, cameras on hand. Here's their video, as hosted by Beasts Of War.

Anyone wanting to go forum diving, take a look at the coverage from the Bell Of Lost Souls Lounge, here. Certainly BoLS gave up trying to keep their post up to date.

Felix;s Gaming Pages Blog has a nice selection of pieces here.

Standard Template Construction has a nice breakdown of the day here.

Dark Future Games has two post worth of pictures, to be found here and here.

Faeit 212 has a great selection of pictures and rumours here.

Black Library

Get the insiders view of things, from Dan Abnett's blog.

Golden Demon

I'll add a link here when GW put up a gallery (unless that sort of coverage falls to White Dwarf now)

Faeit 212 has pictures of one entry here: Fallen Angels.

And finally a facebook gallery of the Slayer Sword winning piece.