Games Day And The Horus Heresy - Black Library

Right then readers, for something to do while waiting for UK Games Day news to go up, who can tell me what the glaring error is in the opening trilogy of the Heresy? Answers in the comments, and I'll put the reply I was looking for up on Monday.


  1. Really don't know what the error is - do you mean in the story itself or something to do with the covers?
    Either way, loving the blog, keep up the good work!

    1. Posting the answer in the comments shortly. Well, the mistake I spotted anyway.

      Glad you like the blog. Anything you'd like to see on here?

  2. Is it the armour colour (and insignia) between the first two books, with the third having the death guard on the front cover.

  3. Right.

    Book 1 opens the series with the Lunar Wolves.

    Book 2 sees the Legion renamed as the Sons of Horus

    Book 3 was included to throw you off the scent.

    The cover of Book 1 has Marines in Sons of Horus livery, while Book 2 has them in Lunar Wolves colours. There's no possible way those covers could be more wrong without using a different Legion entirely, or not having Space Marines on at all. It'd be almost impossible to deal with now, but someone really should have spotted it before they went to press.


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