Horus Heresy Goes Harback.

 Black Library have put up a blog post about changes to the launch cycle of the Horus Heresy series.

 Angel Exterminatus and all the books following it will be released in special hardback format, three months before the paperback version.

These books will have full colour art on the cover, under the dust jacket, which I like, and an afterword from the author not to be found elsewhere, which I also like.

They also include exclusive artwork from Karl Richardson. While I enjoyed Lone Wolves, his art in the instance looks poor.

These editions will be exclusive to Black Library and Games Workshop stores. The back catalogue of Horus Heresy books will be BL exclusives, so anyone who wants a bookshelf with everything looking the same will want to look into that.

I don't think I'll be buying into the new  range, but I'll probably be sneaking a read of the author's afterwords when I'm in store.