Infinty - September Releases - Tohaa and Spec Ops

Amognst all the Warhammer 40,000, Horus Heresy and Games Day news this may have gone beneath the radar, but Corvus Belli  have put out images of their September releases for Infinity

 Pulled from the Infinity Facebook page.

Here's the group shot, hit the button for individual shots. 

Still reading? Let's get to it then.

Tohaa Trident As a set I like these. The only iffy pose is the Kamael, but the rest look lovely, although I'd have the Clipsos jumping something bigger. Me purchasing this kit is going to be reliant on the background we get with them, online, and in more depth in the Campaign Book, so we'll see what that brings. 

Tohaa Diplomatic Delegate This is the worse model of the lot this month, continuing the up and down run Corvus Belli has had with female models. She looks like a model intended for a different system (Malifaux for example) that's been re-purposed with a head swap. The pose is bad, and she looks too different from the models in the starter set.

Shasvastii Corax Spec-Ops And this would be an up to balance out the Diplomat's down. The kick of the hips throws the pose a bit, but otherwise everything is just spot on, especially the range of weapons.

KTS. Kaplan Tactical Services This model is screaming out to be put into a diorama, entering unknown territory and scanning for enemies.  Another lovely sculpt.

Wildcats. Polyvalent Tactical Unit. While the sculpt is good the pose if iffy, and I can't really picture what the model is supposed to be doing. Not a bad figure, but not up to the standard of the other Nomads added to the range recently. 

Not a bad month with the release of a new starter set, and all new models, it's just a shame about the Diplomatic Delegate, and the lack of robots or T.A.G.s. Fingers crossed for something big come November.