Kickstarter Round Up

I've not done one of these for a while, so there's quite a bit of ground to cover. I've not limited myself to miniatures, but everything should be of interest I hope.

Relic Knights

Days Left: 3

Your mileage with the anime stylings and accompanying tits and arse may vary, but the rules are interesting and there are some very impressive models to be had cheap. $100 (+$25 shipping depending where you are) gets you...

 It's probably best to go take a look at the models for yourself. But my favourite is this, from the add ons section, which should be about 10cm tall of awesome. You also get the cannon team included in that $35.

While it's not going to reach the dizzying heights of CoolMiniOrNot's other projects, there's still some mileage left to go. Anyone playing SDE may also want to check it out for the range of RK inspired models they're producing for SDE, in the LE models section. This also includes some cosplaying models taking there cue from various sources.

Red Dragon Inn

  Days left: 4

One for the D7D crowd, and for anyone wanting a guide to Inns and Taverns. Depending of your feels about digital or physical books, you're looking at $14 or $39 to get your hands on the book.

Planetary Annihilation

Days left: 7

I'm going to let the video talk for itself.

Give it till the $0 second mark. Moonbase. MOONBASE! And it only gets better from there.

With only a $20 buy in to get the finished game, there's no excuse not to pledge.

Leaving Megalopolis

Days left 7

Go fund a comic by Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore. It's going to be awesome.

Dreamforge Games Crusader
Days left 9

Standing midway in height between a Dreadknight and a FW titan, for only $89, the Leviathan looks awesome, and with stretch goals falling like dominoes, there's a mass of alternate weapon options becoming available. 

Wreck Age
With an interesting take on the well worn post apoc landscape and some really interesting factions and a wide range of looks to their models Hyacinth games looks to be onto something interesting here.  It's certainly worth a look.

Eternity Dice
Days Left 22

Anyone want dice made from Vesuvian lava? Got $26 and one dice could be yours.

Let's Build A Goddamn Tesla Museum

Days left 23

The most altruistic project on this list, if you back no other project back this one.


Days left  24

Going through stretch goal after stretch goal DreadBall is doing very well. The minimum cost to get the boxed game is $80. But find $150 to spend any you get all this, with more added all the time...

The Art Of Brom

More relevant to gaming than you might expect, Brom did much of the art for Dark Age, and this book would certainly be worth a look, if you can afford the book and postage.

And that's all I'm covering. There's a hell of a lot more out there, to be found and funded, but this is my pick. I've only funded a couple of these and will be keeping an eye on others as the days tick away.