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Pretty much ripped from here. My contributions are, in dark green.

"In just over a week's time the pages of White Dwarf will change forever. Miniatures will be shown in a new light, battle reports will be reborn and new articles will be read for the first time. Not to give yourself a lot to live up to or anything. Even the classic logo that sat at the head of the magazine for the last 20 years will disappear into the Hall of Legends. Which is not necessarily a good thing. Here's the article header to give an idea what things might look like.

On September 22nd 2012, White Dwarf will be reborn; bigger, better and more exciting than ever before.

As news goes, that's pretty exciting stuff, I think you'll agree. For the last half-year a crack team of designers have been pulling White Dwarf apart at the seams, re-forging it into something incredibly exciting. And just letting the current run slide? It becomes more and more obvious why last month felt so cobled together. Everything is new, nothing's the same. I'm unimpressed by tautology. Even the paper is a higher quality, that's the degree to which the magazine has changed. This is starting to sounds like an ad for new bog roll.

Of course a new magazine needs a new team to work on it and so, without further ado, here's the new White Dwarf team:

From left to right we have:

Dan Harden (that's me, just in case you didn't know) - Staff Writer
Erik Niemz - Photographer
Matthew Hutson - Lead Designer
Beth Beynon-Hughes - Digital Editor
Andrew Kenrick - Deputy Editor
Kris Shield - Designer
Glenn More - Photo Editor
Jes Bickham - Editor
Adam Troke - Senior Staff Writer

I leave you to make up your own opinions about the demographic on display.

Some of these names you'll recognise. Matt, Kris and Andrew have been working on White Dwarf for several years now. In fact, Matt has been working on it almost as long as White Dwarf has been around (OK, so that's a slight exaggeration, but he has been around for quite some time). Adam and Glenn have moved into White Dwarf from games development and book production respectively, while Beth and Erik are both new to Games Workshop. And last, but certainly not least, we also have a new White Dwarf editor, and the latest scion of Grombrindal himself, Jes Bickham. While this is his first time working on White Dwarf, Jes has worked at Games Workshop before as the editor of Battle Games of Middle-earth, back when The Lord of the Rings first appeared in cinemas and hair was more plentiful. Which was incredible successful. See here

The last member of the new White Dwarf team is me, Dan. You may have seen me in the occasional blog post over the years dressed as a pirate, chopping up a shrub with a chainsword or lying in the middle of the car park measuring how long 145 paints are compared to your average hatchback. Does this bode well for White Dwarf articles. For the last two years I've been looking after the Games Workshop blog, bringing you pictures of painted miniatures from around the world, showing off our latest releases, reporting on events such as Games Days and Tournaments and keeping you all up to date with what's going on in the world of Games Workshop.

Though I've now joined the White Dwarf team as a writer, I'm very pleased to announce that the blog - now White Dwarf Daily - will be coming with me, as will our resident scapegoat Servitor 13, the currently unseen but entirely real Servitor 14, Smiler the Servo Skull and all of the other detritus I have around my desk including my Paint Station full of models.


We love receiving emails from our fans, especially when they are accompanied by photos of beautifully painted Citadel miniatures. Some of these pictures we will feature on the blog ... Some of the best might even make their way into the pages of White Dwarf magazine itself. A move I like, as it is interacting with the community, and it's always good to see other peoples models. The only issue is that it's going to be reprint content that's already available online essentially. 


Next week I'll give you a few insights into what you can expect from the new-look White Dwarf, which will be relaunched on 22nd September (and in plentiful supply at Games Day UK on the 23rd). I'll also properly introduce you to the members of the new White Dwarf team and tell you a bit more about what they do. Suffice to say we're all very excited about our work on the magazine, and the select few people that we've revealed it to in the Studio were overjoyed. Yes, you read that right, most of the guys in the Studio haven't even seen it yet - we're keeping it very close to our chests. I wonder how much is to do with Hobbit related secrecy. Jervis Johnson, one of the regular columnists in White Dwarf was allowed a quick glimpse of the first issue yesterday and almost shed a tear of hobby happiness.

So the moral of the story is: make sure you keep your eye on White Dwarf Daily next week to find out more about the magazine and be in a Hobby Centre on Saturday 22nd to see the new White Dwarf for the very first time.

Until then, check back tomorrow because we've got not one, but two videos to show you – one from the Black Library and one from Forge World and both are about the Horus Heresy. You tease. Hope the bloody video department has had an overhaul as well, and this won't just be a small step up from Power Point. Witness me not hold my breath."

Of course the big question is why no one has been in contact with Mike Walker. When White Dwarf was only in the 200, he was fantastic. You don't know what you missed. 

And back to me in a normal font colour. Well, White Dwarf (hang on, I need to look up the issue number, as it wasn't mentioned - not good) 394, is going to get a review to look out for. Fingers crossed we see a return to the quality old.


  1. Note, I'm writing this as a fifty year old mainly historical wargamer. I've just bought this and the cover is truly beautiful - I was finding the one figure on a white background totally confusing as they all looked the same and I couldn't remember whether I had bought any particular issue or not!

    Inside, I approve of the new design as well although while the much bigger typeface is far easier to read for someone of my age I wonder whether you haven't cut the overall word count a bit too much as a result.

    One gripe: I only play Lord of the Rings so to name it on the cover and have no article inside (especially when the issue is sealed in plastic) was annoying.

    Good job overall, however.


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