October Chaos Releases - White Dwarf Leak

Images pulled wholesale from a post by Natfka on Faeit 212. Text cometary is all mine.

Wow. Not sure I like it, but none the less deserving of a wow.

We'll get to the beast on the cover, but this, more importantly is the new look of White Dwarf. It feels happily retro. Lets hope the content sees a return to the quality the time past also contained. I wonder if the spine will continue the Dark Angel image?

Our friend from the cover, and the model I imagine is his kit mate. Oh boy do they look good. I'm quite glad I've not picked what Legion I'm painting my Dark Vengeance Chaos Marines.

 The model looks fantastic, and I'm intrigued to know what material he'll be in.

I'm taking these models as an indication that the baroque touches on the Dark Vengeance Chaos Marines are going to be carried through the range. My only issue is the wings on the side of the jet packs, otherwise these are gorgeous models.

It's interesting to see what isn't pictured here, mainly the Codex cover, and to get the barest taste of the new White Dwarf layout.

I'm off to count my pennies in anticipation of the advance order going live.