October Chaos Releases - White Dwarf Leak Pt 2 - Angron, Dark Apostle, Raptors, Oblitorators and More

Faeit 212 has put up some more pictures of the forthcoming Chaos releases, from next month's/this weekend's White Dwarf. Original Post is here.

My post with the last set of pictures can be found here.

First up, Angron, looking suitably awesome.

Finecast Dark Apostle - Looking pretty awesome. Might lose the halo and change the crozius top, but otherwise looking spot on.

 Finecast Sorcerer- Considerably less wow than the Apostle. I'd rather convert something (DA body, Chaos Warrior head, CSM arms) than use this. It's a shame not to see some power being employed.

 Finecast (?) Warpsmith. A better photo shows an already impressive model really does look damed amazing. I'm not sure if they'll be a place for him in my force, but there probably will be on my shelf somewhere.

The Forgefiend - Looking a bit too squat and ponderous for my liking, but the skull gun barrels are a nice touch.  The previously released picture showed different weapons and a better head variant, that I feel will be finding a place in my bits box.

 The Maulerfiend suits the bestial aspect better, and the claws look truly menacing. The only issue with this model is how dated it's goinng to make the Defiler look.

 Helldrake details male the kit look full of interesting parts at least, but I think it's a model I will have to see in the flesh to decide upon.

 Finecast Obliterators - I'm not taking with these, and should I want some I'll go the way of Terminators (I have enough Black Reach ones that a few falling to Chaos won't make any odds) and a lot of parts/ greenstuff.

 Finecast Aspiring Champion - This feels very much like a missing model from the Dark Vengeance set, and I'm not sure he adds anything more than a new pose.

 Here he is amognst the Dark Vengeance Chosen, showing that he at least ties into the squad well.

The new Raptors look good, especially the swords, and are part of the same kit as the WarpTalons. ORange plasma weapons look bloody cool.

Warp Fiends -  There are some poses to fiddle, and the wings on the jump packs to change, but otherwise, hell yes this is a nice kit.

I think I can fear my wallet screaming.

And feeling way behind the time, here's a video tease for the Helldrake from White Dwarf Daily, proving that even if the staff and magazine have changed, the quality of the promo films haven't.