Psychic Powers? There's An App For That.

So GW have an App out. You can read the launch day post on their blog, here.

No, I've not bought the app. At £7.99 it seems overpriced to me. Looking at the reviews currently on iTunes it would seem that this is the consensus. The reviews there also seem to be saying that the codex powers are missing, which unless the GW blog has been edited, was never said, although could be construed to be implied. Either way, they're not there.

At the time of writing, the app seems to be doing OK on the review scores

Price aside, does it seem useful, well, no, I have the set of cards, enough different counters, a pen and paper, and a mind that can imagine sound effects for my psykers, so no. As part of a larger suite of game tracking apps it'd be a useful component though.

It's an interesting move by GW to release this, and it'll be interesting to see what other App products are released in the future.While I can see gaming aids like this coming out in dribs and drabs, I don't think we'll see army list builders and the like, as that'd be interfering with the physical and digital book lines. It'll be worth keeping an eye out to see what sort of digital extras the Hobbit is accompanied by.

To my mind it's a slightly uncomfortable coupling between the digital and physical, with the hobby being set so firmly in the latter. That's an argument to have when digital becomes a necessity though.


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