Sunday Photo Page 02.09.2012

To start off, here's my progress with the Dark Vengeance box.

It hasn't bloody arrived. Given that some people were unboxing their copies on Friday, I'm not happy. It will hopefully appear in Monday.

In leu of putting models together I'm doing research, and trying to decide on which Chaos Space Marines Legion to use. This means hitting the web, and the books. Lots of books...

I should make a decision soon...

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  1. I lol'd at the picture of the table with nothing there. I live in Alaska, the farthest-north reaches of the USA, where we never get our post on time... so I feel your pain. Still haven't gotten mine yet.

  2. Glad it got a laugh from someone. Hope your copy arrives soon. From the short time I've had putting models together I can say it's well worth the wait.


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