The Price Of Vengeance - Assault On Black Reach

Following up from this article I though I’d take a look at what the Assault On Black Reach set offered and how the Dark Vengeance set compares.

AoBR was priced at £61.50 when it was pulled from stores to make way for the 6th Edition and the Dark Vengeance set, which replaces it at the same price for the standard edition. 
 In terms of raw numbers, the model count is (almost) the same, with a big walker, three bike sized vehicles, a tac squad, a term squad, 20 boyz/cultists, 5 Nobz/Chosen, the captain and the warboss/lord. The only difference is the extra chosen and the Librarian.

Space Marine

As with the Dark Vengeance  set, there is no real issue translating the Black Reach models to standard kits. The only thing to be born in mind is the larger range of weapons options etc, to be found in the individual boxes. 

AOBR Box Comparable Cost
Commander Commander £14.00
Tactical Squad Tactical Squad £23.00
Terminators Terminators £28.00
Dreadnought Dreadnought £28.00
Total £93


For the sake of not making things ridiculous I’ve used Bikes instead of Metal Deffkoptas at £61.50 for 3. Feel free to adjust your calculations accordingly. Otherwise things swap across fairly well, although the individual boxes do have far more options than the Black Reach set, including a fantastic weapon selection for the Nobz, and Shootas for all the Boyz.

AOBR Box Comparable Cost
Warboss Warboss £12.30
5 Nobz Ork Nobz £15.50
20 Boyz 20 Boyz £36.00
3 Deffkoptas Warbike Mob £24.00
Total £87.80

This comes to a total of £180.80, almost £30 short of the £209.70 worth of models in the Dark Vengeance set.  In favour of the AoBR set it must be said that buying multiple sets was a very quick way to build a force, where as this seems less likely with the Dark Vengeance  set, without a lot more work.

I wish I'd got some of the pricing for the Black Reach set and its constituent models when it was released as that'd provide a better comparison, but none the less, you are getting more for your money with the new set. 

When we have the points values of the Dark Angels and the Chaos forces in the Dark Vengeance  set I’ll see how the points values of the forces compare, and if you’re getting the same amount on the table for your money.


  1. I had a go at points-costing the set out myself, mainly using guesstimate figures, rumoured figures and normal Marine figures, in order to play a Black Reach VS Dark Vengeance game. Put it this way, I had to add a shedload of wargear to Team Black Reach to make up the discrepancy, even after removing the Chaplain. Still, about 1/3 of that was the extra Character, which does skew things a fair bit.


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