The Price Of Vengeance–Second Purchase.

I’ve done a post looking at the base cost of Dark Vengeance, and having thought about it, there’s no real reflection of the value to anyone buying a second copy worked into my calculations. To this end I’m revisiting the tables and knocking out anything I think you wouldn’t use two of.
Dark Angels
Dark Vengeance Models Equivalent Cost
Company Master Company Master
Librarian Librarian
Chaplain Chaplain
Tactical Squad Tactical Squad £23.00 / $37.25
Terminator Squad Terminator Squad £28.00 / $50.00
3 Ravenwing Bikers Ravenwing Bike Squadron £25.50 /$41.25
Dark Angels Upgrade Frame £12.00 / $19.75
Total £88.50 / $148.25
This is mainly working from the assumption that all the character models are too distinctive for a second use.  It still makes quite a saving over buying individually.
Dark Vengeance Models Equivalent Cost
Chaos Lord Chaos Lord
6 Chosen 5 Possessed
Hellbrute Dreadnought £36.00 / $57.75
2x 10 Cultists 2 x 10 Cadian Shock Troopers £36.00 / $58.00
Total £72.00/ $115.75
This is far more of a fiddle, based on thew assumption that the Chosen stand out a bit too much to use twice in the same force.
I’ve chosen to ignore the rulebook and extras as unless you sell them on eBay there’s no value to be had.
Dark Angels
£ 88.50 / $148.25
Chaos Space Marines
£72.00 / $115.75
Rulebook etc. -
£160.50 / $264.00
Dark Vengeance Box Set
£65 / $107
£95.50 / $157
Compared to the £180 / $300 saved on first purchase buying a second set constitutes a much decreased but not insubstantial saving. This does of course ignore the wealth of parts that a second set would offer, and any possible revenue raised from selling unwanted pieces.