Unboxing An Abomination - Zombicide Part 1 Arrives

It's finally here.

Anyone not wanting to sit through a blow by blow of what's in the parcel may want to give this post a skip.

As the post title gives away, I order the Abomination level pledge, which included more than just the boxed game. It all turned up in a rather large box, once I'd paid a customs charge (Meh.) White Dwarf for scale.

Opening up the box revealed the t-shirt.

Under that were extra game tiles.

These are big, at 25cm square, and a really good thickness. I'll do some pictures of them as part of a gameplay review at a later date.

Under that was this beauty, which I'll be unboxing further down.

and a lithograh, sadly floating free, but luckily undamaged.

And finally the game itself.

That's one hell of a thick box. The quality is damned good as well, both in terms of art (more later), thickness, and texture.

The box corners were protected by these four pieces, which I think are destined to become 40K terrain at some point.

Also, hiding amid the packing foam was a set of dice, but I'll come to those later. 

Here's the back of the box, looking rather pretty, and more inviting than the back of Games Workshop's Dark Vengeance set.

Time to open the game up.

Firstly the rulebook. At 28 full colour pages, with 15 pages of rules and 11 scenarios.

The card playing tokens, including everything card that isn't a game title.

And the reverse, with the Pimp Car.

And the rather well packaged second layer.

The smaller box reveals the six survivors and the Abomination.

The larger box holds not one...

...but two trays of zombies.

The final bit of this layer is the card deck (encounters, wounds and equipment), the dice, and the experience trackers.

And lastly, the player cards, and the game tiles.

I mentioned the quality of the box above. The inside is covered in information about the zombies and survivors, which is a nice way of displaying the information, and using what otherwise might have been wasted space.

The Abomination pack then. Here's what greeted me.

And here's what comes "loose" in the box. Three promo survivors, El Cholo, Nick Walker, and Dave The Geek, as well as two sets of special edition dice, and extra game cards.

Here are the special ed dice, including the ones from the depth of the packaging box.

And the special ed minis, and they're survivor cards.Note the background colour ties in with the plastic colour of the models.

A surprise hiding, behind the cards, a second Abomination.

And lastly from the Abomination set, more zombies.

Which is your lot, I'll be putting up a review of the models, and then the game at some point annon, but so far I'm pretty impressed. The only negative I can possibly mention is that the arrival of this has only served to whet my appetite for Sedition Wars.