Unboxing Dark Vengeance

A quick rattle through of the box. 

The shiny, blood splattered LE box top, still in it's wrapper.

The lackluster back of the box, that I suspect will be the same on standard and LE editions. It just falls a bit flat somehow.

 And here's what things look like when you lift the lid, complete with that new game smell.

Here's all the paper parts, with two reference sheets, that fold out to include the army list. an insert for Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus, the huge assembly guide (more picture of that in a forthcoming post), and the impressively thick, full colour How to Play book (again, more on this coming soon).

And here's the dinky rulebook, in all it's tiny full colour glory.

Here's the interior of the quick reference sheet, with the army details. Points values are conspicuious in their absence.

The last of the boring bits, the templates, dice, bases and measuring sticks.

 Getting him out the way, the following is the front and back of the Chaplain sprue, looking very similar in layout to the Fantasy heroes we've seen. Hopefully this bodes well for the future of single models. 

 The set contains four sprues, two repeats, and two unique. Below is the front and back of the Chaos one. It's not easy to tell, but some of the Chosen are split into very oddly split parts. It's something to be ware of for conversions and again a subject I'll be covering in a later post.

 The Dark Angel sprue is just as packed, with the one off models from every unit on there.

 The last sprue contains tactical marines, cultists, Chaos backpacks, and one each of a bike, chosen, and terminator.With two copies in each set, this is the sprue that fills out both forces. I'm not sure I like GW's decision to include copies of the same model in this set, given the lack of posing options, but I do see the logic behind it, in terms of keeping down cost.

And there ends a whistle stop tour of what's in the box. Not the most interesting post, but an important starting point for content to come.