Angron Review - Horus Heresy

Angron has a lot to live up to, as the first Primarch released by Forge World. Thankfully he more than meets expectation, and sets a very high bar for the models that come after him.

As the box insert tells you at the top, this is not a toy.

Ah the box. It's at least £5 of the price, and it's a lovely, but a pain to get into, as it fit together very tightly.
 Once you've got in, you're greeted by a fair featureless blister pack.
 Flipping it over reveals the Primarch shaped goodness inside.

And  this is what it looks like unpackaged and spread out. A few pieces had come detached from their sprues in transport, but otherwise everything was fine. As ever with Forge World models there's a load of free resin.

The quality of the kit is fantastic, with very very few air bubbles, and crisp and clear detail. Just take a look at the back of the cloak.

The model comes with nesting bases, with the smaller base (still 40mm) fitting inside the scenic ring on the large base (60mm)

Enough about bases, onto Angron himself. The body surprised me by being a single piece, but it really works in favour of the finished piece, as it locks in place the fantastic pose. The arms (and indeed most of the other joints) fit together with a square socket.

And here he is (temporarily) assembled, with only sheathed sword and pistol missing. Everything goes together without any issues, although it's worth noting that the backplate under the cloak is blank, so anyone hoping to leave it off, is going to have to add some detail.

Angron is a beast of a model, towering over a standard Space Marine, and looking more than capable of ripping into a Dreadnought. 

Angron's scenic base has three injured/dead Space Marines on, each cut up by the Red Angel's blades.With the exception of the second Marine below putting these models on the base is very easy as it's all done by either the square tabs, or in the case of Marine 3's legs a blank space for his feet on the base. Marine 2 is going to need pinning in my case as he doesn't have a tab.

And that's your lot for the moment.

As a kit Angron is a brilliant start to the Primarch range, and it's going to be a hard act to follow. The quality is top notch, and despite the price point I've not got any regrets. I think we're going to see a lot of Primarches on people's shelves, as well as on the table, and Angron really does cry out to be assembled and painted.

My one criticism is a lack of any instructions, as while it's fairly easy to see how things go, it's no real excuse. The use of tabs does become an issue when cleaning flash, as it's not always clear what's modelm what's attachment point, and what's spare. The only head scratching moment was the sword, which attached to the inside of the cloak, into what I initially took for a tear. 

I'll be doing a full construction post at some point, so I'll try to catch anything I missed then, if you leave questions below.