Chaos Warriors Releases - White Dwarf Pictures

The releases we'll be seeing for Warriors Of Chaos are now all over the web. There's two new units, the Warshrine, as well as special characters, mounted characters, and Finecast characters. Time to dust of Chaos for Fantasy as well as 40K I think.

Here's the list, from Faeit 212

Skullcrushers of Khorne3 Fig Box27-Oct-123-Nov-12$58.00
Hellstriders of Slaanesh5 Fig Box27-Oct-123-Nov-12$33.00
Chaos Warshrine1 Fig Box27-Oct-123-Nov-12$58.00
Scyla Anfingrimm1 Fig Box27-Oct-123-Nov-12$49.50
Festus the Leechlord1 Fig Clampack27-Oct-123-Nov-12$19.25
Wulfrik the Wanderer1 Fig Clampack27-Oct-123-Nov-12$19.25
Sigvald the Magnificent1 Fig Clampack27-Oct-123-Nov-12$19.25
Valkia the Bloody1 Fig Clampack27-Oct-123-Nov-12$22.25
Khorne Chaos Lord on Juggernaut1 Fig Box27-Oct-123-Nov-12$49.50
Nurgle Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount1 Fig Box27-Oct-123-Nov-12$40.00
Galrauch1 Fig Box27-Oct-123-Nov-12$71.00
Tzeentch Chaos Lord on Disc of Tzeentch1 Fig Box27-Oct-123-Nov-12$40.00
Chosen Command5 Fig Box27-Oct-123-Nov-12$45.00
Chosen5 Fig Box27-Oct-123-Nov-12$45.00
Chaos Warrior Halberds Upgrade Pack10 Piece Pack27-Oct-123-Nov-12$15.00
Be’lakor, Chaos Daemon Prince1 Fig Box27-Oct-123-Nov-12$37.25
Chaos Warrior Great Weapon Upgrade Pack10 Piece Pack27-Oct-123-Nov-12$15.00

And there are pictures (taken from Dice and Brush). I'll let them speak for themselves, but the Shrine looks to fall between brilliant and ridiculous, harks back to old school Chaos, and isn't at all what I imagined. Scyla looks huge, and I can't wait to see proper pictures of the models. The Skullcrushers and Hellstriders look a nice step up from any kit bash attempt. I think those Khorne helms are going to be seen on more than a few Beserkers soon...