Dark Vengeance - Ravenwing, Librarian, Company Master and Sergeant Conversions

A bit of a grab bag today, but I thought I'd clear up the work I want to do on the Dark Angels.


There's very little work I want to do the Ravenwing. The problem will come when trying to fit old bikes in with the new look, but that's a bridge to burn another day. Back to the issue in hand, it's the Sergeant's belt, worn on the outside of his robe. Something about this just seems wrong. The Sergeant's comes into pieces that make the work quite easy.

All that's needed here is the belt to be hacked off, ready for some greenstuff. Bang, all done.


The best model in the set the only thing I've changed is the backpack, taking the one from the Tac. Sergeant giving him an icon, to match with the other high ranking figures.

Company Master

While I like the original he feels to busy. The main thing I want to change is the helmet, which is surprisingly easy, as the head is a separate piece.  

Once again the Dark Angels Upgrade sprue provided the extra parts, as well as a different backpack and the chapter icon. I like the more square on pose, and the older helmet matches with the wrist armour. I may come back to the backpack and have two skull facing outwards or backwards, rather than forward, but that's a tweak for another time.

Tactical Squad Sergeant

My least favourite model of the box, as to me he screams Templar, rather than Dark Angel. Of all the models, his parts are most interesting, with the head and arm connected so that he is facing the right direction.

Rather than try and rescue the tabard section I've gone for a wholesale replacement, once again from the DA upgrade sprue, which is also the source of the head (although I may swap this head out to go on the Deathwing Sergeant, we shall see). I'm planning on sculpting the rest of the robes in, and maybe covering over the chest eagle, as it seems a weird way to wear a robe. If the sculpting goes wrong I can always swap out the legs completely for a robed set.

 The tactical squad will be separated so I don't get models with the same pose together in a squad, solving the hideous issues that reposing them would bring (I may be adding in a robbed Marine as the second in command to my tactical squads, so that'll help as well). I've got a few ideas about what could be done to alter poses, but that's for a later time I think. The only other thing of note is that I'll be nicking a couple of their backpacks to go in the bitz box, and obviously getting rid of the damned squad insignia.

And that's the Dark Angels all prepared for greenstuff work, unless I think of something else. There's the Chaplin, but as an LE model I don't feel like altering him.