From The Æther - Days Of Chaos

Over on Standard Template Construction they're running through 12 days of Chaos posts, breaking apart the book, with a variety of opinion on each choice. If you're playing CSM, or playing against them, it's worth a look.

Day1: Introduction

Day 2: Special Rules and Warlord Traits

Day 3: HQ - Special Characters

Day 4: HQ - Characters

Day 5: HQ - Sorcerer and Psychic Powers

Day 6: Troop, Rhino, and Vehicle Upgrades

Day 7: Elites Pt1

Day 8: Elites Pt2 - Cult Troops

Day 9: Fast Attack

Day 10: Heavy Support

Day 11: List Ideas

Day 12: Conclusion

EDIT - There we go, all up to date.