Horus and The Emperor - New Artwork

Black Library have released a teaser image of new artwork, by Neil Roberts, to feature on the cover of  "Horus Heresy: Visions of Heresy" which is to be released next year.

This is only the third time we've had an "official" image of the pair, the other two being this... 

 ...and from way back, this.

I think my preference is for the second piece in all honesty, not least because a poster of it is on my wall.


  1. The newest picture reminds me of an old Marvel poster of Wolverinve vs. Captain America. Wolvy is hitting caps shield and sparks are flying everywhere.
    Replace the Emperor with cap and Horus with Wolvy and there you go.

    1. There is something very comic like in the posing.

      It does seem a change of pace to have gone for a fight scene, rather than the stand off. The Emperor looks too light and nibble, like he should have been thrown across the room by the blow instead.

      While the crackling energy in the middle is dramatic I'd rather see more detail on Horus.

      All in all it's the space battle seen in the background that's the most impressive element.


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