Horus Heresy - Angel Exterminatus

The preorders for the new Horus Heresy book, Angel Exterminatus go live today. Which means a new video from the Black Library

This heralds both a new format for the Horus Heresy books, and a change for how Black Library are selling them as well.

Angel Exterminatus is being released as a hardback with additional content, three months ahead of the usual paperback release. The additonal content, beyond being a hardback with full colour cover, is in the form of four pieces of art by Karl Richardson, and an afterword by Graham McNeil. Yours for £20 from Games Workshop, Hobby Centres, or Black Library.

The new book can be bought on its own, or packaged with a variety of digital extras, from ebook, to audio to wallpaper, and poster, with the complete package setting you back £53.50

The previous books in the series are also seeing a re-release in this new format, so that your bookshelf can be filled with hardbacks. The first three books: Horus Rising, False Gods and Galaxy In Flames, are also up for pre order.

To be honest I shan't be picking up this until it hits paperback, mainly because I have a lot of Heresy reading to catch up on, and the slightly more mad/OCD reason that a hardback will look out of place within the rest of the series


  1. Did they get rid of the good cheap Ebook? Now they want 15 bucks? Yeah...no thanks.

    1. I think what they've done is made an eBook of the hardback, and we'll see a cheaper eBook, without the extra content, released alongside the paperback. Because no one will be confused by that idea.


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